Our Strategic Plan

OAHHS' three-year "rolling" Strategic Plan serves as a living document that is subject to revision or recalibration based on evolving challenges. OAHHS staff updates members on the status of the plan every six months, and discusses any changes of significance each year at its annual member meeting. The plan's objectives are categorized under six strategic themes:

  • Access
  • Community Engagement & Accountability
  • Cost, Quality & Value
  • Payment & Delivery System Transformation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Finance & Funding

These themes are cross-referenced with Oregon's Triple Aim goals. This matrix format was strongly supported by the membership as a way to demonstrate how our work supports the widely accepted Triple Aim concepts that have been used by CMS and the state to shape transformation efforts.

Click the image below to download the OAHHS 2014-2017 Strategic Plan.