Oregon Hospitals Mean...


Oregon hospitals are in the top 10 of industry sectors that provide jobs in Oregon. The state’s 62 community hospitals contribute nearly 60,000 full- and part-time jobs, along with an additional 52,700 jobs in other employment sectors. In total, Oregon hospitals are associated with 112,700 full- and part-time jobs in Oregon. These hospitals contributed about $18.9 in economic output in 2013.

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Community Wellness

Oregon hospitals throughout the state provide community benefits and health care services, often with little or no cost to the community, to address the critical health needs specific to their communities. These services include health care to underserved or vulnerable people, health education and screening, prevention services, medical research, and medical education.

In 2013, Oregon hospitals provided nearly $1.9 billion in community benefits to Oregonians.

Details about Oregon community hospitals’ contributions to their communities can be found here.


Oregon hospitals are committed to providing the best and highest-quality health care services to the patients they serve. That is why Oregon’s community hospitals participate in a number of quality improvement programs, such as: reducing patient harm, ensuring that patients are not re-admitted to a hospital after being discharged, including the patient and their families in health care decisions, reducing the cost of care, creating a safe environment for patients moving from one care setting to another, and so much more.

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With more than 1 million Oregonians living in rural areas, Oregon’s hospitals are dedicated to ensuring that everyone, even in the most remote regions, has access to high-quality, timely and efficient health care services.

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