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Oregon Hospital Financial Summary

Below you will find some of the key indicators of hospital financial performance and brief explanations of their meaning. For more detailed information on specific hospitals, consult

Operating Margin decreased to the lowest level since 2013.
• Moody’s Investor Services recommends a hospital have between a 3-5% margin for financial health.
• This decrease is caused by expenses increasing faster than revenues.

Operating Margin Percent: Profitability from the performance of medical services only.


Charity Care is rising again after the post-ACA drop, and is the highest since the ACA expansion.
•  Oregon’s hospitals committed in 2015 to maintain community benefit levels, regardless of the change in the state uninsured population. They have fulfilled that pledge in the years since.

Charity Care: The dollar amount of free care, based on a hospital’s full established rates, provided to patients who are determined by the hospital to be unable to pay their bill.


Payroll & Benefits made up 49 percent of all operating expenses at hospitals in 2017.

Payroll & Benefits: All salaries, wages, and benefits paid and accrued internally to hospital employees.




Operating Expenses, including payroll & benefits and supplies, have increased significantly over the past six years.

Operating Expenses: All expenses incurred from the reporting entity. Examples are salaries and benefits, purchased services, professional fees, supplies, interest expense, depreciation, and amortization and rent and utilities.


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Note: All data come from the Oregon DATABANK Program (2011-2017). Dates are based on a calendar year.

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