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Sept. 16, 2016 PfP State Meeting - Portland
April 29, 2016 PfP State Meeting - Bend
Jan. 15, 2016 PfP State Meeting – Portland

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Sept. 14, 2016
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April 4, 2016: Rapid Response System Implementation

March 17, 2016: SSI Interest Group #2

Feb. 25, 2016: SSI Interest Group #1

Getting Started: PfP 2.0

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    Our team at Mercy Medical Center in Roseburg has benefitted from the PfP work by helping us stay current with the national focus on patient safety and quality.  Through an Oregon PfP state meeting we met Dr. Dan Hagg from OHSU who presented on sepsis. We then brought him to our hospital to speak to our broader team. He made a great impact on how we now manage sepsis patients. In addition, our Quality department has become more cohesive, due to having a wonderful physician champion and the ongoing tenacity of our staff. We share accountability in our work and continue to foster relationships and build rapport within our facility for process improvement.

    – Memoriee Sconce, Clinical Effectiveness, Mercy Medical Center

    What has been the most valuable throughout PfP 2.0 were the state meetings, where we were able to learn from our peers and subject matter experts.  We shared what we learned with other team members, which assisted with the implementation strategies.  Other benefits throughout the program have been the PfP newsletters, the data submission reports, and the leadership reports that helped to view our progress at a glance. “I really love the leadership reports.”

    – Nam Dave, Director of Quality Improvement, Lake Health District

    As a hospital system, we had initial challenges with teamwork and unity in the PfP work across four separate hospitals but the project leadership helped us obtain focus. The PfP 2.0 state meetings, both content and networking, has been extremely valuable.  Bringing one of the PfP state meetings to Bend was helpful and enabled many more St Charles’ staff to attend. There were a lot of good ideas shared among PfP 2.0 colleagues that we have been able to incorporate within our hospital system.

    – Trudi Hoke, Quality Data Officer, St. Charles Health Care